Smart Phone Ennui

Touch me, I’m here – touch me! Smart phones are so consumer right now, companies producing them are all about taking their own technology ahead and to do that they need your money.  When in many cases they don’t, take Apple for instance. I stumbled across this relevant post about the filming of device ‘unboxing’, and enjoyed this comment describing the act as:

Glib theatre where adults joylessly reenact moments from their childhood when they received and opened gifts.

I think this aligns with the underhanded behaviour of the entertainment industry; with many producers making every effort to market by appealing to the most basic passions. Desire, immediate gratification and confirming a sense of community for us to be a part of, are all arguably, not achievable with mass-market commercial entertainment or the latest technology.

There should be a fanfare just for your every consumer event:

To explicitly state it, my point is rather a grand one: that the most contemporary new media has an unmistakeably commercial quality; this is only a small dimension of what it is capable of achieving for humanity; and the whole thing is dishonest. Perhaps it is the present surge in mobile technology marketing that represents an attempt to produce yet another generation of consumers in the on-going battle for profits over the transformation of human minds closer to their potential,  and the creation of ecologically sustainable lifestyles.

It’s not all yellow brick roads and emerald cities, kids – its time the corporate lions find themselves a heart.


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