The Product of Your Own Desires

The active audience is not new to Web 2.0. Textual poaching is a form of audience participation that has been noted in Cultural Studies first coined by Michel de Certeau (1984). This is where the audience take an all consuming love of a TV show, novel or other media text and develop content that goes beyond the dominant meaning of the original.

Kirk and Spock (Star Trek 1) textually poached by avid gay fandom.

‘Trekkies’ (if it’s not politically incorrect to use the term) are known to create imagery depicting the characters from Star Trek (any generation) in blatantly homosexual situations which is obviously in contrast to the dominant subtext of Capt Kirk, ladies man of the galaxy.

So then, Web 2.0 is about a transformation of internet use but more of a cultural one than a matter of kind. The media forms are no more flexible to audiences than previous ones. Besides some modicum of progress in Interweb usability for non-technical people, and vice versa – people actively educating themselves in its use, the Web 2.0 phenomenon is mostly business hype and new forms of time-wasting practices mediated by widespread computer ownership. The direction is not paragon but the destination may be.

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  1. Edmund
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 18:59:06

    This actually reminds me of websites like deviantArt and in particular had over 471,220 stories written by fans for Hary Potter alone! It’s a huge representation of textual poaching.


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