The Divided as Usual

Further on the subject of networks, it occurred to me that the varying platforms have now formed a fractured Internet because they are each largely encapsulated. I have seen software code-technology that is integrating them and many smartphones have apps that make it easy to flip to and between them. But it is still possible and common for people you communicate with on one system, you may not do so on another, yet see each others comments, posts or profiles. Increasingly everyone is present on all of them: if research was to show there to be a trend here, then the characteristics and differences between the relationships may have some social significance beyond indeterminate circumstances. You may favour a certain person’s behaviour in one social network or another; but more importantly everyone can see the ways you interact with other circles.

Before you grunt ‘da’ I point this out for a particular reason; certainly you are conscious of the above reality of the interconnected social webs. They may differ in ways that are similar to the distinctions of work groups, family gatherings, out at night with friends, and chats with grocery store owner around the corner. These social networks are divergent in topic, tone, lingo, etc. As a user of these social platforms you are aware of the transparency of your social interactions and most certainly modify your behaviour accordingly. Perhaps this socially corrected behaviour encroaches on your sincerity and openness in subtle ways.

Email is passée according to some US Y-Gens: (Socialnomics Promotional Video – please watch with scepticism)

Response to some of the material presented in this video: Is it because email is private, relatively secure and doesn’t serve the needs of an intrusive marketing industry whose eyes are open to the potential to exploit? Why is it good that someone else or some software-bot knows more about what you want to buy than you do yourself?

Clayton, Steve. 2009. Stats on the Social Media Revolution.

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