Media for Change: agoraXchange and Yes Men – highly suggested reading

agoraXchange is an MMO game under development. In the game design pages under the suggested rules section, among many others for consideration one user has suggested the below:

A player may not injure another player or, through inaction, allow another player to come to harm.
A player must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First Rule.

This MMO is a leading example of ways that game technology and culture can challenge and present alternatives within a game-world for consideration in the political atmosphere of global territories. This is in line with other media I have witnessed recently that present examples of the alternative or preferred reality instead of the traditional Leftist outcry against establishment. Another example is the Yes Men’s alternative New York Times that presents the news in hard copy and offered free on the streets of Manhattan. This alternative paper contains articles of all the wishes of the people including such headlines as: Iraq War Ends, and Public Universities Free.

These examples demonstrate a powerful turn in the use and presentation of media as falling out of the strict control of corporations and governments. New media is making available the transmission of messages that are not only against these authorities but along with and subversively related to them – dare I say an equal competitor in the audience/market.

You may not see it around you, you don’t hear the hourly bomb blasts in neighbouring suburbs, you have everything you need and most of what you could ever want, but for a disproportionate many the story is completely opposite.

Please check out the backstory for agoraXchange, the slideshow presents a vision for a radically different future from our current trajectory.

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