Chomsky Generally Says it Best

On completion of my degree I present you this video that sums up what I encountered at Murdoch University in Perth Australia and my schooling generally. As much as our fine lecturers encourage us to think for ourselves, in many people’s case it is too late. Secondary education has finished off their capacity as a critical and experimental thinker. They engage university with the expectation of memorising the latest workplace secrets to top-up with what they believe is needed for career success. This no doubt produces yet another set of graduates to fill desks for the corporations and government agencies of the world. High hopes become more hearts to confound social systems with the inanity of bureaucratic paradoxes and inflexible pathways through our lives.

I expect to find an employer who appreciates the intrinsic curiosity and open-mindedness of my passion for understanding. Wish me luck. I hope then they can tolerate a little bit of anti-establishment that comes with the package.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark Dixon
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 11:52:28

    Hey Daniel,

    Are you still using your Murdoch WordPress Blog?

    Ill take it you have completed your degree now, looking forward to seeing you at graduation.




    • Daniel
      Feb 02, 2011 @ 13:01:53

      Thanks Mark, but it’s not likely that I’ll make it. I’m traveling in subcontinent asia and the middle east. Best wishes for the future. Add me on fb if you have it . I dislike it but its good for networking in these countries as it is widely used amoungst less wealthy people here.


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