Responsive Digits

Digits are creating our ephemeral network media. Responsive design is about removing control from the designer. The designer provides that platform for the experience and/or transmission of content. The user then allows the content to be delivered and uses one of numerous methods. Rethinking the fundamental idea of forming a web page is deepening my understanding of what content is.

Additions to research ideation:

  • prominent touch-ready resizing buttons for body font only
  • how to place sidebars and secondary navigational material after the first posts or main content. then follow with additional content and posts. Ajax powered content envelopes?
  • golden mean proportioned modules (divine proportion 1 to 1.618033988749895)
  1. When setting flexible margins on an element, your context is the width of the element’s container.
  2. When setting flexible padding on an element, your context is the width of the element itself. Which makes sense, if you think about the box model: we’re describing the padding in relation to the width of the box itself.
  3. font at 100% is commonly 16px
If the design is divorced from its original comp once it’s online, would you expect to comp for a series of different screen sizes with some solid idea of what makes your design cogent and unique. Can the design be in the modular elements and the ‘logic of the layout?’ As opposed to the wholly realised design; layout of the elements and cogency of the the design in a visual totality.

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