About All This

Hi it’s Daniel – that’s me on the left in my high-school uniform. This blog is a Murdoch University assignment and contains all the readings and all the materials given to me for my studies – so please feel free to harvest. Education should be free!

I travelled a lot before this, lived in unusual places around the world for months on end. I’ve spent time floating about  in places such as Tokyo, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Makassar, Alice Springs, Copenhagen, Prague, Seoul, Sydney, Zagreb etc. I lived in Melbourne twice for 1 year each first time was straight out of high school – guess I’ve always felt comfortable moving around and not knowing anyone but I value a close group of friends to love, cook for, trust, and to laugh with. My world is pretty funny when it isn’t too busy being serious, I like to mock stuff like myself, but mostly humans because there is plenty of absurdity there to poke at.

I placed my blog directly on WordPress instead of the Murdoch WordPress MU because: I manage other WordPress Blogs, designed and developed for WordPress and the version 3.0 has a universal dash-bar that flips between locations and has some tools that I use a lot; I refuse to follow Murdoch Blog’s rules on what can go into a post, I want freedom of speech basically; and if there is a problem with this I can simply import the database into the Murdoch MU at assessment time.

If you have a problem with my use of copyrighted material is some instance then please place a comment associated with that page or post. From my stand-point, I do not aim to profit financially from this activity and if my deeper comprehension of the subject is facilitated by your precious intellectual property then I ask you please reflect on that reality. Remix, reproduce, take as influence or rip-off my ideas freely from this blog and without attribution or license – just like that.


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