Burrett – The Look of the Web


Burrett describes the intentional coercion of TV viewers to stay watching through to the end of a program to ensure the adverts are seen; naming the approach ‘promotional aesthetic’. It’s certainly revealing but many notice this intentional use of teasers through a highly commercial TV show and express feelings of irritation. Burrett suggests that “this structure of anticipation is part of the way that the Web presents its own forms of information in hierarchies and further mouse clicks.” (p88)

Genres of the Web

  • Webportals: personalised organisation for users; it helps the them focus on their interests and expand them; “organised access points that allow the user to move outward via WebRings of linkages on particular areas of interest.”(91);
  • Media sites: expands the presence of other media companies for promotional purposes.
  • Commercial:
    • company/corporate,
    • commercial trading (eg. Amazon),
    • institutional ie *.gov *.edu etc.
  • Personal: can have drift into commercial success with advertisers placing content.

Forms of Signification:

    • Personalisation,
    • Interactivity and
    • Representation of other media forms.


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