Harrison & Barthel – Web 2

Thus,Web 2.0 is not a particular technology orproduct licensed or for sale, but rather a business model – a ‘way ofarchitecting software and businesses’ (Hinchcliffe, 2006) into companies thatseek to prosper on the basis of user-created content.(159)
Produser: a clever combination of two word makes this clunky looking piece of misspelling – is this theorist serious?
“… invitational rhetoric offers an alternative to what they call the ‘patriarchal bias’ of defining rhetoric as persuasion.The proposed rhetoric is ‘grounded in the feminist principles of equality, immanent [or intrinsic personal] value and self-determination’ (1995: 2). Such rhetoric represents an invitation to understanding’ by offering alternatives rather than solutions, exploration rather than confrontation, and consideration rather than control.”
– hmm utopian and idealistic to suppose that feminism will create such social for as described. I want this, Kant wanted it, Aristotle too, what makes feminist theorist believe they can achieve such wide-spread happiness and joy. Forgive my pessimism but I propose that it may be possible only in a society that has a single gender, either of them would do.
However, invitational rhetoric is a great thing to cultivate, but it takes so much time to explain and give your dues to the previous speaker, its so much easier if they simply feel confident in their present stance and have an open mind to explore and expand it. It is more the latter that isn’t present. ‘Rhetors’ too often revert to hubris in the face of conflicting evidence, whether man woman, existentialist or feminist. So, the new media everyone is apparently addicted to may be a start to the cultivation.

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