Hellsten – Multiple presents

Main thesis of article: “The aim is to study how this constantly changing definition of the present affects the use of search engines for research purposes in the social sciences and humanities.”

‘View customizations’ link at the bottom of your Google search results, when clicked takes you to an explanation of how your own web history, and the contents of your recent email (if with gmail) are used to customize your results.

Note on GMT: Greenwich Mean Time, Greenwich is a place in the UK, it was decided that the world would adopt this time standard at a meeting call the ‘International’  Meridian Conference (IMC) in 1884 where only 21 countries mostly western european and american attended. Hm, international.

The Dali ‘clocks’ of the web

Informational Clock-Time as opposed to Modernist Clock-Time

“sociotechnical practices”

“globalized communications” as zipped time and space together. spacial and temporal differences are wound up with real-time communication and search engine refresh data.

Metastability refers to the tension in thesynchronization of different ‘clocks’ and multiple presents. (906)
The dominance of linear time was fuelled by the Industrial Revolution, which enabled people to transform time into money and place a premium on the rationalization of time. (907)
Ha, Homo Interneticus in the ultra present! (907)
Rapid decline of the use of the term ‘frankenfood’ – is it because it went from being a fear to being on the dinner table?

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